Bryan Mayo – Lead Developer

Bryan Mayo is has been a Developer/Programmer for over 22 years, developing everything from simple board games to 3-D first person shooter games. He received a mathematics pin and a certificate in computer literacy for Apple computers his freshman year, being his first introduction to even using computers, he fell in love with computers and hasn't looked back earning several certifications in various computer programming languages.

Bryan has also taught Graphic Arts and Desktop Publishing for 3 years and continues to design and build sophisticated programs and applications in a wide variety of industries.

Favorite Things:

  • Book: The Cat Who Walks Through Walls – Robert A. Heinlein
  • Movie: The Dark Crystal
  • Celebrity:
  • Food: Lasagna, Baklava
  • Color: Purple
  • Activity: Anything involving nature
  • Location: Middle of a forest

Most Inspiring People:

  • George Washington Carver – Simply put, an amazing man.
  • Stephen Hawkins – Never let anything keep you from your dreams.
  • Hellen Keller – Just because someone says it's impossible doesn't mean you can't do it.

Best Life Moments:

  • Getting married to my wife.

Some Things People Didn't Know:

  • I successfully resuscitated a man after being electrocuted pulling his catamaran out of the water (he neglected to lower his mast.)
  • I have a compulsion to fix things that are broken.
  • I had a pet porcupine.