Changes at Facebook are Creating Major Opportunities for Remodelers

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Q: In your new whitepaper Facebook Marketing for Remodelers you say that SEO is declining in value.

RA: It’s true. As useful as SEO has been, I find that it’s not working as well as it used to. This has little to do with SEO tactics and more to do with the fact that Google is moving to a 100% paid model. But no tool lasts forever. Especially in a media world that changes as fast as this one.

Q: SEO is still enormously popular. What do you see that others don’t?

RA: As someone who works in lead generation all day every day, I’d say the evidence is inescapable. SEO requires a big investment, a lot of time, and the attention of highly skilled practitioners. I won’t get into the technical details—you can Google them in two seconds if you want them. I think it’s enough to say that, from a lead gen perspective, there are now better, faster, more targeted ways to go.

Q: Such as?

RA: Facebook. But not in the traditional social media kind of way. Facebook has turned itself into a pay-for-play advertising medium. Used properly, it can generate targeted, high-quality leads at very attractive prices. I’ve seen it with my own clients. It’s a faster process. You get results sooner. In other words, it’s perfect for remodelers.

Q: What would you say to remodelers who are heavily invested in SEO?

RA: Think about the rate of technological change. Advertising in the Yellow Pages was state-of-the-art for decades. Now, things are changing infinitely faster. You’ve got to accept this rate of change and keep evaluating your tools and strategies. What worked last year, might be a sucker’s bet today. Anyway, marketing is just a means to an end. Your skill as a remodeler is the constant. Whatever the method, the challenge is always the same. Get in front of prospects and sell them on that skill. SEO is still important, especially getting listed in local search results/maps. But it can take a long time to get listed and you may never get there. You have no control over it and that is exactly what I don’t like about for a lead gen strategy that you are depending on.


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About Ryan Ryan Paul Adams is the CEO of PME 360, former remodeling professional, author or 7 Secrets to Achieving Rapid Growth in Your Remodeling Business, and host of Remodelers On The Rise.



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