Every Door Direct Mail for Remodelers – A Simple Strategy to More Customers

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It amazes me how many remodelers and home builders are not using any direct mail marketing. Or, the ones that do are still overpaying to deliver their mail pieces, promoting “free estimates” and “free consultation” offers, and not lowering the barrier to entry for those who are not ready to have you contact them. Every Door Direct Mail by USPS might just be the direct mail solution you are missing.

I was on a call a few weeks ago with Dan Kennedy and Craig Simpson, one of the top direct mail consultants on the planet. Listening closely to their take on what is working in direct mail and what is not, the topic of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) came up. They questioned when it is appropriate to use this strategy and for what types of businesses. It was nice to hear two pros confirm what I have been recommending to clients for the past year.

In case you are not aware of what EDDM is, check out the USPS detailed explanation of their service. In a nutshell, EDDM allows you to send up to 5,000 local mail pieces per day to a certain zip code or neighborhood at a reduced rate. Your mail piece is delivered to every active address on the route you select. This makes it easier for your local post office to sort and deliver this type of campaign and if you use this correctly it should lead to more traffic and more customers.

At the time of this writing, a First Class USPS stamp is $.49/per. One EDDM postcard would cost only $.175/per piece mailed. This is an incredible deal, even when you factor in the cost of printing your postcard, but only if you can get it to work for your business. Per 1,000 pieces mailed you would be looking at $175. Currently only Facebook Advertising can deliver a lower cost per targeted impression.

Why EDDM for Remodelers?

The reason EDDM will work well for remodelers is that you can afford to keep doing this over and over again and it removes the complexity of trying to rent or buy a local mailing list. Finding a good mailing list as a local business is one of the toughest things to find. This type of campaign won’t be as targeted as mailing to: >homeowners >$100,000 income > zip 60657, but if you are picking the right area in your city or town to mail to you should hit a good portion of your target audience.

Think about this for a second…If you are selling a service that is a minimum average sale of $10,000 how many sales from a campaign like this would it take to generate a huge return? One? Two? Three?

Many remodelers will mail out one direct mail campaign under 1,000 pieces and give up if they get no or low response rates. While its true that the market/message match may not be perfect with EDDM because the list target is broad, if you continue to refine the message/offer of your postcard you should get enough traffic and leads and new customers.

The key for any EDDM campaign for remodelers to work is to do it consistently (how about 6 months to really test it correctly). And for high ticket remodeling services you should lead with value without discounting (direct response offer, ex: 7 Things You Need to Know About Remodeling Your Basement in Boston – Download Our Free Guide) and take your postcard prospect online to offline to a landing page.

Creating a low barrier to entry will get more people in your funnel but you will need to setup some kind of automated email nurturing sequence and follow up campaign (our Cat Shot system can work great when combined with direct mail campaigns). You can test as a follow up mailing to those who requested your guide and market your in home consultation.

If you are a roofer you may want to have a few EDDM campaigns ready to roll for when severe weather hits (hail, thunderstorms, wind, etc) certain neighborhoods or zip codes. This type of EDDM campaign you do NOT want to lead with value (content). You need to get them to reach out to you and have them request that you come to their house to look at the damage.

As long as you aren’t doing $100 roof repairs (although getting your foot in the door with this client can lead to bigger and better things), this strategy should work well. This is an immediate need type of service and offering anything that distracts from you getting in front of them is probably a mistake. There is a huge opportunity here for smart roofers to use this strategy to get in the door, deliver a repair service, and continue to market to these people to significantly lift the lifetime value of each customer and overall return from EDDM.

EDDM removes a lot of the complexity of running a direct mail campaign especially when it comes to finding a mailing list and it is definitely worth considering for any high ticket remodeling services. But only if you can afford to do it consistently, correctly, and recognize that not every campaign will be a homerun. 40%,60%, or even 100% sales growth is achievable with direct mail if you are not doing it now.

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