Facebook Techniques Increase Advertiser’s Results by 3300% – for $5.00

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Q: What is a “boosted post”?

RA: A post supported by a small Facebook ad. Ask any remodeler who has diligently posted to Facebook in the past. You can write dozens of posts with nothing to show for it. And I think we all understand why. Purely social media has value—but it’s not a demand generation tool per se. However, augmenting an information-rich post with a strong Facebook ad usually has a massive multiplier effect.

Q: Give us an example of a boosted post.

RA: One of my favorites comes from a business that made “old fashioned” Facebook part of their marketing mix a few years ago. Over time, they acquired about 20,000 “Likes”. Not bad, but not enough to buy you a new Mercedes either. Then they did a test. They put up a post and got 568 views. Then they boosted it. Suddenly: over 19,000 views. Their incremental cost was five dollars.

Q: Maybe it’s time to recap how Facebook can now enable results like that.

RA: Sure. In the real world, you don’t get much for free. That’s why, unlike some people, I didn’t have a problem with Facebook taking a pay-for-play approach. For what they give you, almost any price would be fair. Facebook starts with easy access to the right kinds of people in your market. Then they gives you the ability to target more precisely than any other platform, improving your results and squeezing out waste. It also lets you see what your prospects are buying, what they like, and what they care about. That allows you to fine-tune your offers, even the photos you use. So here’s the formula I recommend. You write fewer but more informational posts. You boost them with a small number of Facebook ads. Larger numbers of people are drawn to your more valuable and interesting posts. And that’s how you tempt them into your conversion funnel. High-quality, very local leads.

Q: This is simple enough for a remodeler to do for himself?

RA: Probably. Or you could have my company do it for you. We’ve developed a new marketing system for Facebook 2.0. I named it Cat Shot for the speed with which it accelerates lead development. Within 60 days or less. Compared to five or six months for SEO, it is truly a no-brainer.

We have invested a lot of time and money to figure out Facebook Advertising. We are on the phone with Facebook every week working directly with them to understand the platform and all the changes they continue to roll out every day.

So when I say “probably” to the ambitious do-it-yourselfer I mean anything is possible and yes you can learn how to do this. But it will take a long time to learn and most will abandon Facebook as a source for leads and traffic long before they get it to work. We have just found that it is much much more cost effective for a team like PME 360 to run these campaigns for our clients than it would be for them to try to do it themselves.

Need more traffic and leads fast? Cat Shot®is your best shot! Learn more about Ryan’s complete done for you Facebook advertising system.

About Ryan
About Ryan Ryan Paul Adams is the CEO of PME 360, former remodeling professional, author or 7 Secrets to Achieving Rapid Growth in Your Remodeling Business, and host of Remodelers On The Rise.


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