Facebook’s “Secret” Transformation and What It Means for Remodelers

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Q:: You say that most remodelers’ ideas about what Facebook represents are wrong.

RA: I do. Specifically, Facebook as an advertising medium. Facebook has been around for years, but it has recently turned itself into what I see as a powerhouse advertising platform. Most remodelers are still unaware of that and they’re missing a big opportunity.

Q: What would you tell remodelers who have put lots effort into social media and gotten little in return?

RA: They’re right. Using Facebook the old-fashioned way is unproductive. But Facebook has changed in ways that make it close to ideal for remodelers interested in consistent lead gen. Facebook 2.0 combines precision targeting with a sneak-in- under-the-radar approach that lets you catch your prospects when their sales resistance is much lower. The best-known Google AdWords expert now says he gets more business, less expensively, from Facebook than from AdWords.

Q: Sounds great—but why should anyone actually believe this?

RA: Let’s start with the basics. In 2012, Facebook served two trillion inches of advertising, the number is much higher today. In terms of data, their assets are staggering. And they know how to slice and dice it to give advertisers the ability to target their ads more precisely than ever. This means that the people who see those ads are much more likely to want your information. And that leads to better results for you.

Q: You’ve also talked about a price advantage with Facebook.

RA: Facebook’s ad rates are currently much lower than they should be given its performance as an advertising medium. And that’s simply due to the fact that Facebook 2.0 is brand new. Most businesses aren’t aware of the opportunity. This will change soon. In the meantime, Facebook is the most cost-effective advertising strategy on earth.

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About Ryan Ryan Paul Adams is the CEO of PME 360, former remodeling professional, author or 7 Secrets to Achieving Rapid Growth in Your Remodeling Business, and host of Remodelers On The Rise.


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