Local Business Owners: Showcase Your Location With Google Photos For Business

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Local business owners have a glimmering new weapon to add to their marketing arsenal with Google photos for business. This service utilizes Google trusted photographers and specialized photography technology that presents a 360 degree virtual tour inside your local business.

Customers are demanding more information than ever out of businesses they may patronize, and most of them make their first contact with any business through a search conducted on Google. Having a unique multimedia feature to meet visitors at the first point of contact could be a really inviting and fun way to start a relationship with potential customers.

Businesses are catching on; Over 100,000 businesses have used the Google Business Photos feature since it officially launched a year ago.

Why Should Local Business Owners Consider Google Photos For Business?

Indianapolis-based Google Trusted Photographer Serigo Bennett of NAP 360 explains the service in further detail:

“Google has designed their program called Google Business Photos to offer a 360-degree virtual tour solution to businesses.  It uses the same platform as Google Street View, so you could walk into a business right off the street virtually.  It’s also very intuitive and versatile.  The tours can be embedded on websites and social media from any number of starting points. They can also be viewed on all mobile devices.

The reason small local business gets the edge here is because Google is directing us to market the program to small businesses rather than large chains. This gives a more human element to local search results by allowing local mom-and-pops to have an enhanced search results. There are no recurring costs or monthly fees to have a tour and it’s basically up there for life.  It’s like having a permanent online billboard parked on the web in THE major search engine. 

Google is trying to avoid the big chains and corporate giants by putting the program in the hands of local photographers like myself who wouldn’t even know where to start getting to corporate decision makers. So this leaves the program almost exclusively for the active local business owners who engage in their business and are open to new opportunities to market and promote themselves.”

Furthermore, Google is now showing small, orange dots to indicate businesses that have participated in the Google photos for business service. This provides extra exposure for local business owners, and is a helpful feature for searchers who want to see a place before they visit. In order to see what businesses on a Google map have the interior photos, you just grab Pegman and drag him over the map as if you were looking for Street View imagery.

However, the value of this does service depend on the type of business that you operate. It’s geared towards local business owners who have businesses with unique and elegant interiors and offerings which they want the world to see, both virtually and physically. A automobile  mechanic or a McDonalds (which replicates the same store layout multiple times) might not see benefits from this service, but businesses like home décor shops, retail outlets, hotels, local restaurants, and attorney offices certainly could. The idea is to highlight the strengths of your business and make people feel comfortable stopping in.

For Local Business Owners Who May Need Some Extra Help

People search online because they want to know what to expect before going somewhere. Utilizing Google photos for business appears to be a great way for local business owners to really showcase their location to these local searchers.

This strategy, in conjunction with other local search optimization techniques, can help your business dominate your local market. For more information about how to make this happen, request a consultation session with an internet marketing expert today.

8 Flares Twitter 2 Facebook 0 Google+ 3 LinkedIn 3 8 Flares ×
8 Flares Twitter 2 Facebook 0 Google+ 3 LinkedIn 3 8 Flares ×