New Facebook Layout: 7 Tips To Update Your Social Media Marketing Plan

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New Facebook Layout: 7 Tips To Update Your Social Media Marketing Plan

The world of local internet marketing is constantly changing and social media marketing is just a small piece of the bigger picture.

A new Facebook layout has recently been announced and not only will it change how we use Facebook, but it will change the visibility of your business on Facebook and thus the way you use it as a local internet marketing tool.

Effects of The New Facebook Layout

The new Facebook layout changes the way Facebook users receive their content. Mark Zuckerberg announced in a news conference that the new Facebook layout would be a “personalized newspaper.” The changes will allow users to personalize their experience and ultimately avoid news and content that doesn’t interest them. The bottom line is that it will be easier than ever for Facebook users to tune you out if you are not sharing information that captures their interest. The best response to this is to take a look at how social media fits into your local internet marketing services plan, and make the necessary changes to stay current with everything the new layout has to offer.

An article in the Washington Post outlines the new Facebook layout as an effort by Facebook to prove their value to businesses as an advertising platform. Slated to be a major benefit to big brands, the new layout could potentially hurt small local businesses without the cash to invest in a complex advertising plan.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the new Facebook layout without committing to a big advertising budget.

1. Get visual – The new Facebook layout is based on the fact that people respond to visuals. Photos you put on your page will appear larger in the news feed and research has shown that Facebook users are more attracted to posts with images, so keep the pictures coming!

2. Keep it short – Find images that speak for themselves and keep copy short. Facebook users do not want to commit too much time to absorbing your message. Make it easy for them.

3. Don’t discount brand enthusiasts – As business owners, we are driven by our customers and potential customers, but it’s really the brand enthusiasts who will be your biggest asset in the new Facebook layout. They are the people who love your brand and what you do. There may be other businesses that offer similar services or personal friends who are really interested in the information you share but are not in the market for the services you provide. Getting these brand fans interacting with your posts and sharing them with their own friends is the key to success with the new layout. Once you get this happening the new customers won’t be far behind.

4. Improve your cover photo – When Facebook users ‘Like’ your business page the updated layout will display your cover photo prominently in the news feed. This is a great opportunity to capture additional ‘Likes’ with a compelling cover image that really represents your business well.

5. Work to increase your page ‘Likes’ – When this new Facebook layout is launched, increasing your page likes will matter more than ever because of the way new ‘Likes’ will be displayed in the news feed of the friend’s of the fans of your page. The more times you get get your giant cover image in the news feed with a new ‘like’, the better!

6. Make your posts compelling – Now is the time to up your game with exceptional content and social posts. If you are going for organic success for your social profile rather than paying for it, you’ll need to work even harder to get noticed.

7. Increase check-ins – Facebook check ins will be displayed more prominently in the new Facebook layout. When you call a meeting of the minds at your business, remind attendees that they should check in at the business location. If you are a retail establishment, consider offering a discount to customers who check in.

The new Facebook has not fully launched but it should be happening shortly. If you want a sneak peek of what’s in store get yourself on the wait list for the new Facebook layout.

15 Flares Twitter 3 Facebook 2 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 1 LinkedIn 7 15 Flares ×
15 Flares Twitter 3 Facebook 2 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 1 LinkedIn 7 15 Flares ×