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Keep Your Business in Tune With The Latest Social Media Trends

It is truly a challenge for business owners to stay current with all the latest social media trends while running the day-to-day operations of their business. Innovation occurs rapidly on the web, and if you miss a couple months of news, the game may have changed completely! Our goal at PME 360 is to keep […]

Free Online Survey Tool: PME 360 Plugin Displays GuildQuality Customer Survey Metrics

PME 360, in partnership with GuildQuality, has developed a free WordPress plugin to be used with GuildQuality's customer satisfaction survey solution. The free GuildQuality Metric Plugin connects your GuildQuality account to your business website, allowing customer satisfaction survey results to be automatically updated hourly. Here are a few of the perks of the GuildQuality Metric Plugin: Great […]

Put Your Remodeling Business on Auto-Cruise with Randall Soules of Scientific Remodeling System

In the remodeling industry, business automation systems are scarce as contractors struggle to deal with busy schedules and day to day challenges. However, taking the time to develop that business process automation system is often the very thing that would improve a remodeling contractor’s ability to meet these challenges and improve their overall quality life […]

Managing Your Reputation Online: Customers Expect a Response

If you are a local business owner that isn’t managing your reputation online you might be faced with a huge problem. Online customer review sites are becoming more popular and consumers are using these reviews to choose what local businesses to work with. Some local business owners have avoided review sites out of fear of […]

How to Build a Reputation Online in the Home Services Industry with Geoff Graham of GuildQuality

For a company that builds, sells, improves, maintains, or cares for homes, having an online reputation management strategy is absolutely crucial. Savvy homeowners are looking for online reviews more than ever, and according to SearchEngineLand, approximately 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Helping businesses build credibility in the home services […]

Focusing on a Niche Market in Remodeling with Ted Nemeth

With new remodeling companies constantly entering the market, remodelers need to find a way to make their business stand out. This is exactly what Ted Nemeth of ReVisions Remodeling, Ltd. has done by honing his approach to business and marketing. Rather than trying to be the 'Jack of all trades' remodeler, Ted has found success […]

Praying for Referrals is NOT Smart. Marketing for Them Is!

Relying on referrals is NOT smart. Marketing correctly for referrals is. I often hear remodeling business owners say they invest little time or effort in marketing, instead “relying” solely on referrals. This statement says a lot about those businesses — and not in a good way. I’m going to demonstrate why simply hoping for new […]

Instagram Picture Sharing Announces Sponsored Ads

The latest social media app to allow paid advertisers is Instagram. The Instagram picture sharing social media site is fueled completely with user images and video. Video is a recent addition to Instagram. This visual social media platform is going to create a sponsored ad format that fits with the Instagram image feed and blends nicely […]

How Underestimating the True Cost of Field Labor Can Kill Profit

Are you a remodeling company with plenty of work but you still can’t seem to turn a healthy profit? Taking a hard look at your labor costs is essential if you hope to stop bleeding profits. "Labor is the hardest thing to estimate, and you really have a lot of uncertainties. That's where most contrators […]

Why Do Businesses Fail To Rank Online?: The Top 5 Reasons

Why do businesses fail to rank online? The answer is complicated. No single factor or even small group of factors determines excellent search engine rankings. Having a great HTML title won’t help if a page has low quality content. Having many links won’t help if they are all low in quality. The truth is that […]