Internet Marketing Strategy…Before Tactics

Internet Marketing Strategy…Before Tactics

Get a Clear Road Map to Success Online

Any small-medium sized business that wants to succeed with internet marketing, or any marketing for that matter, has to fully understand the landscape before diving in. That’s why at PME 360 we preach “Strategy Before Tactics”. Before we begin any internet marketing campaigns at PME 360, we dig deep into your industry to identify, analyze, research, and plan before we can execute.

We call this phase our C.A.C.A.Comprehensive Assessment and Competitor Analysis. This is included with all PME 360 CIIMS internet marketing service plans, but we also offer these reports to businesses and marketing agencies as a standalone service, 100% Risk Free.

All internet marketing strategy C.A.C.A. reports include: Basic or full advanced Site Scan, detailed marketing recommendations and analysis, PowerPoint presentation, competitor dashboard, marketing investment recommendations, lead cost analysis, customer acquisition cost analysis, and more. See our C.A.C.A. report outlines below for more details.

  • Oh, and for all of you who don’t quite need a comprehensive strategy plan, we recommend starting with our Local Marketing Blueprint. This service is perfect for small local businesses trying to get started online. 

Is Your Industry Flooded with Competitors: Locally, Regionally, or Nationally?

At PME 360, we can’t possibly deliver a great internet marketing service to our clients without understanding who their competitors are and what their competitors are doing online. We also need to know what your goals are and come up with a realistic strategy and budget to meet those goals. Time after time we see businesses expecting big results from their existing campaigns, and the campaigns are either poorly budgeted or improperly executed, which leaves the client frustrated and perplexed.

We firmly believe that for any business which commits to doing internet marketing the right way and budgets correctly, there really is NO competition. The opportunity that exists online for offline companies is enormous and will not slow down anytime soon. The companies who do internet marketing correctly are growing at a rapid rate, and those who don’t are complaining that the economy is poor. Which company would you rather be?

PME 360 digs deep to analyze exactly what your competitors are doing online, how you stack up against them, and what you can do to surpass them. After our competitor research is complete and we have gathered enough intel from our client, we outline exactly what they should be doing to market their businesses online.

Comprehensive Assessment and Competitor Analysis (C.A.C.A.)

We offer these as a standalone service for companies who want to know how to do this themselves or aren’t quite ready to commit to an agency. We have prepared C.A.C.A. reports for Remodeling Companies, Personal Injury Attorneys, Bankruptcy Lawyers, Accountants, Fortune 500 and 1,000 companies, HVAC, IT Providers, Light Manufacturing, and more.

Basic C.A.C.A.


Loaded with Ideas to Get You Results Online

14 Hours Research

Basic Site Scan

Basic Competitor Dashboard

Basic Recommendations

Lead Cost Analysis

Customer Acquisition Cost Analysis

Investment Recommendations

PowerPoint Presentation

2 Hours Consulting and Coaching (split into 2 meetings)


Complete C.A.C.A.


Double Loaded with Ideas to Kill Your Competition

36 Hours Research

Advanced Site Scan Report

Detailed Recommendations

Competitor Dashboard

USP Building

Lead Cost Analysis

Customer Acquisition Cost Analysis

Top 10 Ranking Analysis

Initial Keyword Research

PPC Analysis

Social Analysis

Conversion Analysis

Analytics Analysis

Investment Recommendations

PowerPoint Presentation

4 Hours Consulting and Coaching (split into 4 meetings)

The Basic C.A.C.A.: Is designed for small businesses who want to gain some serious intelligence about their competitors and how their existing site compares. PME 360 will analyze the data and present some high level recommendations along with numerous ideas on how to compete more effectively in your market.

The Complete C.A.C.A.: This service was created for businesses or marketing agencies who want to kill it online, or who want to do internet marketing internally. It’s designed for those who need an A-Z roadmap to dominate online. Keep in mind that the digital marketing industry changes fast, so it is recommended that we prepare The Complete C.A.C.A. at least 2 times per year to make sure the assessment stays relevant. The report includes 36 hours of research, which allows us enough time to analyze your market in great detail and provide tremendous value to your business, plus an additional 4 hours of one-on-one consulting with our top level marketing executives. 

Hourly Consulting: This service is available at $495/hour for those companies and business owners who just need a little guidance. Typically, businesses hire us to review their paid search campaigns for an hour or take a look at their organic marketing strategy. 

Rent Our CEO: Yes, you read that right…you can rent our CEO, Ryan Paul Adams for 1/2 day ($3,000) or full day ($6,000) plus travel expenses (hotel, air fare, transportation to and from airport). He can help you get clarity on what it is you are trying to accomplish, help you build your marketing and sales funnel, identify weaknesses in your sales and marketing strategy, analyze your organic/paid/social strategies, and recommend the top tools and providers to help you improve your business’ strategy and processes. Contact Ryan Today

Ready to Get Started With Some Consulting? 

Complete our initial request proposal form and our Client Services team will reach out to you within 24 hours to gather more information and collect payment for the report. After the initial questionnaire and payment are received, reports typically take between 4-8 weeks to prepare and are 100% Guaranteed.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind the work and the research we do and that’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee with any C.A.C.A. Report. If, after you review the information with one of our internet marketing consultants (in person or virtual meeting), complete the entire 2 and 4 hour consulting provided in your agreement, implement at least 70% of the ideas provided over 12 months, and decide the information provided no value to your business and did not result any any significant increase in leads, traffic, or revenue, we will refund 100% of your money. Or if you feel we completely missed the mark and you want us to dig deeper, let us know and we can do that for you. We don’t want you to be unhappy, and we don’t want you to have the report and consulting if it doesn’t help your business. 

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