For Remodeling Entrepreneurs. A Special Invitation.....

Would You Like Me to Help You ATTRACT Your Ideal Client, ELIMINATE Bad Prospects, and 
Instantly...For Free?

From The Desk of Ryan Paul Adams
Portland, Maine

Dear Friends,

I have set aside some time to talk to you about your business and help you build a
"Client Atttraction Machine" blueprint....for FREE that will help you at least DOUBLE the leads you get now while improving sales and profits, and all without spending a penny more on marketing.

During this time together, I will evaluate your remodeling business and work with you 1 on 1 to create a brand new "Client Attraction Machine" blueprint for your business to help you ATTRACT your ideal client, ELIMINATE poor quality prospects forever, and INCREASE profits instantly.

There is NO Charge and NO Catch to do this.

Please do not discount the value of this call simply because its free. I could easily charge $1,000 or more for this call and have no problem justifying my fee. I do this at no charge because I feel this is the absolute best way to build great relationships and to help people as quickly as possible.

This blueprint will help you gain back more valuable time in your day, give you more freedom in your business, and generate higher levels of satisfaction with the clients you work with by showing you how to get a lot more from a lot less effort....and you can do this all without spending another dime on traffic and marketing.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy our conversation, get real value from it, and we can discuss the possibility of working together long term or we part ways as friends.

And if for some reason you feel I completely wasted your time, I will send you a check for $750. So either way, you come out ahead.

I also don't work with everyone and cannot offer this 1 on 1 "Machine" call and blueprint to everyone and you will NEVER EVER see me give out this blueprint online as some download or free cheat sheet. It is far too valuable to me and to my clients to see this end up in my competitors hands.

I only do a handful of these calls each month so its first come first serve.

But, here's the deal....I have 3 Simple Requirements that must be met from those who request this call:

1) You have to be doing at least $750,000 in gross yearly revenue OR you have to be on the verge of getting there soon.

2) You have to want to STOP wasting your time with poor quality prospects and "Free Estimates" and have an idea about who the ideal client is that you want to work with in your business.

3) You have to be currently investing in marketing your business and have an existing website. You Do NOT have to be investing a lot of money in marketing, but you need to be at least doing something. And your website Does NOT have to be great, but you need to have one for us to look at on our call.

If you meet the 3 Simple Requirements above I will pour my heart and soul into helping you for 45 minutes to build an initial Client Attraction Machine and Blueprint that will hopefully change your business forever while making things a lot easier on you and your staff.

I will also record our call and provide you with our initial plan outline (PDF).
All of these items are yours to keep, again at No Cost to You.

Simply ENTER your info below so you can take the next step.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Ryan Paul Adams